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Privacy and Cookie Policy

The privacy of our users and partners are of high importance to Firyfashions. The company may obtain and retain minimum information and data about Firyfashions users which is legally allowed in India. Firyfashions refrains from reselling any user database whatsoever to others and selectively uses this data only for the promotion of The company sends Firyfashions promotional material only if the user or customer have opted to receive this information. In any communication Firyfashions gives the users an option to opt out of these mailers if they so desire. Whatever information Firyfashions collects regarding the user, it stores them with maximum security. The company reviews and upgrades its security practices from time to time to ensure that the data is stored safely. This Privacy Policy is in accordance to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and any user of submits and accepts the provisions of these rules simply by using this site. Firyfashions changes the contents of this page from time to time and the user will have to check this page to see the updated information. In course of the usage of the company might collect and use some details about the user like (but not limited to) the user's name, sex, address, date of birth, usage preferences, email, mobile number which is further used to personalize the company's offerings to the user and improve the company's products and services. However, Firyfashions never obtains any information about the user unless it is permitted and allowed to do so. At any stage during the user's association with Firyfashions the user may choose to opt out simply by writing to the email ID mentioned at the end of this policy. The company might choose to disclose information about the user if and when forced by the laws of the land in order to fulfill the company's legal obligations as corporate citizens. Any queries on privacy related matters can be addressed to - or the user can send a physical mail to Compliance,, (address).